The Badagry festival in Africa

Badagry festival

The Badagry festival in Africa
The Badagry festival in Africa
The Badagry festival in Africa
The Badagry festival in Africa

The Badagry festival in Africa

Badagry competition is Associate in Nursing annual event command in Badagry, a city in port State, Nigeria.

It’s organized by the African Renaissance Foundation (AREFO). The event reflects the importance of the traditional city throughout the traffic era.

The Badagry festival in Africa. It’s a convergence of culture and show of African heritage. The organizer brings the indegine and culture-loving fans from round the world to celebrate the competition.

The competition was initiated in 1999 to commemorate the top of the traffic era and therefore the significance of the traditional town throughout the amount.

The 2015 Badagry competition was labelled “Toussaint L’Ouverture: The Catalyst for the struggle for liberation of the black”. The event started on twenty August and all over on thirty August 2015.

The competition creates a platform in Nigeria of these from the African diaspora to reunite with their country.

The name Badagry derives from the suggests that of keep of the autochthonous folks of town, that embody fishing, farming, salt creating.

However, others believe town was named when Agbedeh, a well-liked farmer, whose farm was named Agbadarigi, that was later pronounced Badagry by the Europeans.

In the early eighteenth century Badagry served as a route for the Europeans once slaves were transported to the new destination of their patrons.

It homes the memorial “Point of No Return”, an area wherever the well was ensorcelled to make sure that slaves World Health Organization drank from it forgot its destination.

At the top of the eighteenth century, Badagry was one in all the routes that benefited from the repeated battle between Portnovo and African country for the movement of slaves.

Badagry was noted because the auction purpose for slaves captured throughout inter-village warfare. In 1983, Chief Mobee was among the African chiefs World Health Organization participated within the traffic.

The first two-storey building was in-built docking facility, Badagry, in 1845. Presently, the positioning is facing huge environmental degradation because of lack of maintenance by the govt, further because the activities of economic tree fellers.

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